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Cute Llama Duster

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Another One Fights The Dust! If household chores always cause bad moods in your home, save the drama for your llama! Because our cutie cria is here to bust in on your dustin'! The llama duster features hot pink polyester fibers, ideal for swiffing away the specs on any surface. It comes with a special bendable bod, which can be used to dust effectively around corners, or straightened out to reach up to those tricky ceiling cobwebs. Then when not in use, simply stand him up on his sweet little bask in his undeniable quirky-cool grandeur!


  • Clean Got cobwebs
  • Polyester fibers clean any surface
  • Bright pink fluffy fibers are made from polyester
  • Arrives tucked up all cozy in a box, measures approx. 38 x8.5x8.5cm

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